Bishop JK Bentil

Bishop JK Bentil

Brief History about Justice Kojo Bentil Ministries

This is an umbrella ministry birthed through the man, Justice Kojo Bentil in the early stages of his divine call. It is an umbrella because it is the mother of all the different facets of ministry that Bishop Justice Kojo Bentil has been involved in since his high calling.

Bishop Justice Kojo Bentil is an apostolic vessel of our Lord Jesus Christ with a mandate unto the Body of Christ to restore the message of the kingdom. When in Nigeria he was slated to be killed and used for ritual purposes, God through the wife of his supposed killer rescued him and led him to confess the Lordship of Christ.

While still in Nigeria, Justice was burdened to study more and more, leading to his enrollment in a Bible college under the tutelage of Bishop Okodua of the Dispensational Gospel Mission. While in college, Justice came into contact with great men of God, including Rev. R.W. Schambach and Benny Hinn who left a lasting impression on his mind and heart.

Justice Kojo Bentil worked under several anointed ministers both in Nigeria and Ghana before the Lord led him to start a full gospel family, named, KINGDOM POWER FAMILY INTERNATIONAL, in July 1999 in Accra, Ghana.

Now with over 1,000 members, this church has four branches with its headquarters (The Shepherd’s Cathedral) situated in the Odorkor suburb of Accra. As the senior pastor of the church, Bishop Justice Kojo Bentil has endeared himself to his congregation and the Odorkor community at large.

His ‘POWER WORD’ weekly radio broadcast has over the past 7 years brought sound gospel truths to thousands of listeners in southern Ghana and around the globe on the internet.

So rich is the word of the Lord on his lips that, the relatively young JK Bentil has been ushered to minister on the same platform with some world-renowned preachers as Archbishop LeRoy Bailey, Jr., Bishop Paul Morton, Dr Sapp, Myles Monroe among others.

Bishop Justice Kojo Bentil is the president of JK BENTIL MINISTRIES, an outreach ministry focused on reconciling the world to the Word. This ministry organizes monthly healing services, in which Bishop Bentil’s gift has brought outstanding healing to many.

This ministry also holds a monthly service for the Tamil speaking Asian immigrant community in Ghana. The ministry also reaches out to tertiary students through her campus wing, KINGDOM MEN and WOMEN ASSOCIATION, currently based in the University of Cape Coast.

Bishop Bentil also hosts periodic conferences for ministers and church leaders alongside the School of Ministry and Power Bible College that is run under his umbrella.

Bishop Bentil has authored seven (7) dynamic books and has traveled extensively ministering to churches and ministers’ conferences in Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, India, Swaziland, The Netherlands, Germany, Canada, The United Kingdom, and The United States of America.


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