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  1. I also agree with Mr. Dag Heward Mills on this powerful sermon. The averaged depressed person is NOT going to have faith. Even in my own personal depressions or moments of sadness it is almost impossible to have the faith in God and to be happy or posses the courage to believe what God has said concerning your life. You know when I started the Christian walk of womanhood alot of people in the Church blessed my endeavors on being a mighty woman of God. But after we go through the valley of the shadows of death or even despair and we want to rise again.It can be very depressing. Very few human beings are willing to push us out of our of depression into what exactly God gives. You know God is a God of joy and laughter. When God gave Isaac to Abraham; the Hebrew translation of Isaac actually means laughter. So after all the pains of Hagar and Ishmael suffering in the dessert God finally produced Isaac a son of joy. Naomi another biblical character that became depressed when all who had known her left Naomi to die in famine has a strong meaning attached to her name. Naomi originally means
    ” my joy” or I am pleasant. While yet Naomi was renamed Mara when she suffered calamity. Mara meaning “bitterness” or I am bitter. And also probally depressed.So we have to encourage one another to keep the faith and to remember past feats of joys in life and look forward after depressing moments. God Bless You.


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